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We’re a leading bioscience company

With a global team and strategic collaborations, Bionxt is striving to make a real impact on medical innovation

Bionxt brings together cutting-edge companies and top researchers from around the world to innovate, accelerate and commercialize disruptive technology, from drug delivery formulations to diagnostics.

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Innovative and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our main areas of focus include:

Precision transdermal and oral drug formulations

Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics including rapid infectious disease screening

Production, formulation and validation of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Rapid delivery; development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

We’re working with world-class life science industry and academic leaders

Innovation to Impact

Pandemic Management and Impacts on Mental Health & Addictions

Our research and innovation have the potential to impact lives around the world.

Learn more about how Bionxt products could change the lives of people suffering from conditions and how our new research may impact the state of our global community.

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